VIC Progressive Diamond Drilling was founded by Vic Fournier in 1987. Viateur has been an expert in his field with over 40 years in the mining industry and has been a forerunner in new technology development in the evolution of diamond drilling.

VPDD is now managed by Laura Araneda who took over as President of the company in 2005. Under her leadership the company and Laura received several nominations as

2017 - Atlantic Business Magazine - Laura Araneda - '2017 Top 50 CEO Award Winners' , Atlantic Canada
2016 - Profit 500 2016 - Atlantic Canada's Fastest Growing Companies - #3
2016 - Profit/Chatelaine W100 Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs - #7
2016 - Profit 500 2016 - Canada's Fastest Growing Companies - #221
2015 - Laura Araneda was added to the 2015/16 New Brunswick/PEI Division Advisory Board of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)
2015 - Profit/Chatelaine W100 Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs - #76
2013 - Laura Araneda was added to the Board of Directors of AIMS (Atlantic Institute for Market Studies)
2013 - Profit/Chatelaine W100 Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs - #78
2013 - Wallace McCain Institute/University of NB - Entrepreneurial Leaders Program. Laura Araneda among the 16 nominees
2013 - Waterstone - Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures
2013 - RBC Female Entrepreneur of the Year
2012 - Profit/Chatelaine W100 Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs - #42
2012 - Waterstone - Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures
2012 - RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year - Impact
2011 - Ernst and Young - Atlantic Entrepreneur of the Year
2010 - Profit/Chatelaine W100 Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs - #19
2010 - RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year - Trailblazer

This following section is dedicated to all our present and past team members. The fact that over the years many of our skilled employees got hired and still get hired by our clients makes us very proud. We want to remember all co-workers and we are very happy to be still in contact with the ones that left the company all over the world.

Aaron Carr, Aaron Pessin, Adam Kyle, Adam MacVicar, Adam McComb, Adam Minor, Adrian Madden, Aidan Carroll, Aiton McQuinn, Al Whittaker, Alain Rousseau, Alan Hill, Albert Hatfield, Alex Aiton, Alex Araneda, Alex Hache, Alex Kilpatrick, Alex Madden, Alexander Boel, Alexander Savard, Allan Ollivier, Alvin Babkirk, Alvis Savard, Alyre Boudreau, Andre Croucet, Andre Savoie, Andrew Burgess, Andrew Cummings, Andrew Mercer, Andrew Ross, Andrew Smith, Andrew Taylor, Andy Anderson, Anthony Graham, Anthony McFarlane, Anthony Myers, Armin Klingenberg, Arnold Boyd, Barret Muir, Barry Adair, Beth Ann Mercer, Bill Erb, Bill Gale, Bill MacIntyre, Bob Candy, Bob McGivery, Brad Sears, Brad Watson, Bradley Murty, Brandon Totton, Bret McGinnis, Brett Graham, Brian Gionet, Brian Graham, Brian Hourihan, Brian Stewart, Brian Vaudrin, Brodie Teakles, Bruce Graham, Bruce Laskey, Bruce Levesque, Bruce Martin, Bruce Munroe, Bruce Reicker, Bruno Roy, Caleb Henderson, Calum Richardson, Calvin Burchell, Cameron Urquhart, Carl Hazelwood, Catherine Ruck, Cesar Araneda, Charles-Todd Donald, Charles Long, Chase Fair, Chelsea Gaunce, Cheynia Mercer, Chris Bickerton, Chris Carson, Chris Coggar, Chris Hargreaves, Chris Ravn, Christian Comeau, Christopher Dougan, Christopher Muir, Claude Roy, Claude Toupin, Clayton Brown, Clifford Boyd, Clifford Lavoie, Clifford Mercer, Clinton Hourihan, Clovis Daigle, Colby Dell, Colby McDermott, Colby Snyder, Colin Fisher, Colin Johnson, Colin Keys, Colin McFarlane, Colin Urquhart, Collin Gamblin, Collin Wilson, Colton O Donnell, Connor Gray, Connor McFarlane, Corey Barton, Corey Carhart, Corey Chase, Cory Charlebois, Cory Fisher, Craig Mitton, Craig Savoie, Cyndil Henderson, Cyril Doussot, Daniel Brideau, Daniel Fournier, Daniel Lavigne, Daniel Saunders, Daniel Vienneau, Daniel Williams, Daniel Wilson, Danny Chappel, Darren Parker, Darren Young, Dave Kennedy, Dave Morrison, David Adair, David Brown, David Colter, David Hubbard, David Kaye, David McComb, David McLong, David Nodwell, David Peterson, David Proctor, David Smillie, David Thorne, David Wark, David Warren, Dax Dalling, Dean Munson, Dean Short, Dean Young, Denis Bryer, Denis Villars, Dennis Richard, Derek Decosse, Derek Didychuk, Derek Green, Derick Weatherall, Derrick Butler, Derrick Earle, Devon Dalling, Dian Fournier, DJ Moore, Don Morrison, Don Wheaton, Donna Monahan, Douglas Mercer, Duane Aiton, Dwayne Guptill, Dwayne Hoar, Dwight Arseneault, Earl Pearson, Elmer Folkins, Emile Duguay, Emilien Roy, Emily House, Emmet Kennedy, Eric Hay, Eric Hebert, Eric Watters, Ernest Hughes, Francois Hache, Frank Maga, Frank Nemis, Fred R. Glasgow, Garth Rennie, Gary Bartlett, Gary Cummings, Gavin Raymond, Geoffrey Parlee, George Daigle, George McPherson, Gerald Augustine, Gerald Brown, Gerald Floyd, Gerald Pearson, Gerard Doucet, Gerry Howe, Gerry Lafreniere, Gilles Martin, Gilles Roy, Gino Roy, Glen Ewart, Gordon Snyder, Grace Armstrong, Grant Clarke, Grant Snyder, Greg Adams, Greg Cassidy, Greg Hickey, Greg Whalen, Guy Gagne, Harold Folkins, Harold Kyle, Harold Chambers, Harry Pearson, Harvey Akerley, Henry Gamblin, Ian "Robin" Fournier, Ira McComb, Isaac Mercer, Jack Sillaker, Jackie Miller, Jackson McQuinn, Jacob Burton, Jacob Heffer, Jacob Scott, Jacob Snyder, Jacques Monette, Jacques Plourde, James Carpenter Tonning, James Greenhalgh, James Holder, James Pearson, James Reid, Jamie Graham, Jamie McFarlane, Jamie McKay, Jamie Monahan, Jamie Ogilvie, Jane Folkins, Jason Cole, Jason Crawford, Jason Jardine, Jason LeBlanc, Jason McKnight, Jason Webb, Jason Wheaton, Jean Luc Doucet, Jean Paul LeBlanc, Jean-Yves Fournier, Jeff Doyle, Jeff Fair, Jeff Harris, Jeff Mitton, Jeffery Dunn, Jeffery Wilson, Jeffrey Johnson, Jeffrey Robinson, Jeffrey Smith, Jensen Pope, Jeremiah Layden, Jeremy Jackson, Jeremy Russell, Jeremy Sleep, Jerome Mercer, Jerrit Northrup, Jerry Long, Jerry McKnight, Jesse Lee, Jesse Lewis, Jim Hodgin, Jim O Donnell, Jimmy Vandebrand, Joanne Jones, Joe Scribner, Joel Arseneau, Joel Doucet, Joel Folkins, Joel Hayes, Joel Trites, Joey Gagne, Joey Legacy, Joey Wheaton, John Batisse, John Daly, John Dearman, John Fair, John Fitters, John Legacy, John MacKenzie, John McGrath, John Monahan, John Newsome, Johnathan Reid, Jonathan Alberts, Jonathan Campbell, Jonathan Moffett, Jonathan Roy, Jordan MacNeil, Jordan O Donnell, Joseph Patterson, Josh Fawcett, Josh McKnight, Joshua Greff, Josiah Cripps, Justin Doyle, Justin Edwards, Justin Kierstead, Justin McKnight, Justin Young, Kalem Jost, Keaton Demmings, Keegan Hodgin, Keighan Toomey, Keith McParland, Keith Soucoup, Kelly Harris, Kelsey Jack, Kelvin Kyle, Kenneth Cove, Kenneth Lake, Kenneth McLean, Kenneth McParland, Keven Christie, Kevin Gray, Kevin Hayes, Kevin Kiervan, Kevin Kyle, Kevin Marshall, Kevin Perry, Kevin Sharpe, Kevin Trites, Kevin Worrell, Kirk MacPherson, Kirk O Neil, Kirk Stapleford, Kory Raymond, Kris Kyle, Kris Smith, Kristopher Byers, Kyle MacLennan, Kyle Smith, Kyle Wilkins, Lance Chown, Laura Araneda, Lauris Lahey, Lee Mason, Leland Walton, Leonard Smith, Leo-Paul Jr. Guignard, Lorne Perry, Luc Cormier, Luc Pitre, Marc Alain, Marc Fortunato, Marc Taylor, Marc Worden, Marcel Bryar, Marcel Richardson, Marco Vienneau, Marilyn Coates, Mario Bilodeau, Mario Duguay, Mario Gagnon, Mark 'Edwin' Dalling, Mark Fairweather, Mark Fenwick, Mark Floyd, Mark McDermott, Mark Pearson, Mark Sherwood, Mark Wilkins, Markus Pearson, Matt Kyle, Matthew Carpenter, Matthew Cummings, Matthew Gray, Matthew Long, Matthew McMillan, Matthew Solomon, Matthew Tays, Maurice Gaudet, Maurice McGinnis, Maurice Pidgeon, Max McQuinn, Melanie Howe, Meldrick Doiron, Michael Dalling, Michael Doyle, Michael Johnson, Michael Lucas, Michael McArthur, Michael Riecken, Mike Costello, Mike Douglas, Mike Ethelston, Mike Nodwell, Mike O Donnell, Mike Shanks, Milton Perry, Mitch Allaby, Mitch McQuinn, Nathan McEwan, Neal Dibblee, Neil Steen, Nicholas Aiton, Nick Dunfield, Nick Foley, Noel Edward, Norbert Gebauer, Norman Wooden, Osman Rennie, Owen Halfpenny, Pamela Mason, Patrick Fournier, Patrick Gray, Pat Landry, Patrick Lannon, Patrick McLaughin, Patrick O Donnell, Paul Duguay, Paul Gallant, Paul A Gray, Paul Hayes, Paul McGraw, Paul Otis, Paul Secord, Paul Smith, Perley McEvoy, Perry Fry, Peter Lucas, Peter McGarity, Peter Veysey, Phil King, Philip Howe, Phillip Madden, Ralph MacDonald, Randal McMurray, Randy Aubin, Raymond Imoff, Rebecca Scott, Reg Tower, Renald Gagne, Rene Boudreau, Rene Bowman, Rene Paulin, Richard Babin, Richard Baribeau, Richard Niles, Richard Vail, Rick Burgess, Rick Forsey, Robert Barker, Robert Blackmore, Robert Boucher, Robert Carmichael, Robert Dalling, Robert Dearman, Robert Doyle, Robert Duguay, Robert Gale, Robert Henderson, Robert Knox, Robert McKay, Robert Mitchell, Robert Parlee, Robert Roulston, Robert Scott, Robert Titcomb, Robert Smith, Robyn Dalling, Rocky Wells, Roderick "Lauchie" MacNeil, Rodney Fisher, Rodney Long, Roger Belding, Roger Bernier, Roger Reid, Roger Gionet, Roland Cote, Ron Fairweather, Ronald Corbett, Ronald Hachey, Ronald Rowsell, Ronald Webster, Ryan Barrieau, Ryan Doyle, Ryan Erb, Ryan McDermott, Ryan McLeod, Ryan O Donnell, Ryan Spicer, Ryan Tays, Samuel Dube, Scott Alward, Scott Benson, Scott Boyd, Scott Edwards, Scott Hourihan, Scott Kyle, Scott Miller, Scott Walton, Sebastian Martin, Serge Comeau, Serge Roy, Seth House, Shane Cote, Shane Kyle, Shane Smith, Shane Yerxa, Sharon Pearson, Shaun McQuinn, Shawn Carson, Shawn Clement, Shawn Dalling, Sheila Watters, Sherman Grass, Spencer Corbett, Stafford Miller, Stanley McFarlane, Stanley Randall, Stephan Still, Stephen Hall, Stephen Meade, Stephen Roy, Steven Greenslade, Steven Parlee, Steven Wilson, Susan Parlee, Tanner Pearson, Tempest Thornhill, Terrance Gale, Terrance Huggard, Thomas Laskey, Thomas McComb, Tim Jones, Tim Lafreniere, Tim Savard, Tim Wilkins, Timothy Hanrahan, Todd McCully, Tom Davis, Tom DeWinter, Tom Wilkins, Tony MacMullin, Travis McLong, Travis McShane, Travis Soucoup, Trent Harper, Trevor Maye, Trevor Steen, Troy Duffy, Troy Prosser, Troy Milco, Tyrell Van de Brand, Ulric Fournier, Viateur Fournier, Vicky Erb-Keirstead, Victoria MacLean, Vincent Coates, Vincent Gohier, Vincent Jones, Wade Wilkins, Wallace Norman, Walter Mallery, Wayne Babkirk, Wayne Coates, Wayne Hachey, Wayne Kieth, Wayne McEvoy, Wayne Mowatt, Wayne Perry, Wayne Sherwood, Wellington McLean, Wesley Goddard, Wiley McLean, William Gale, William Gall, William Lockhart, William MacLean, William 'Bill' McKnight, Yves Larouche, Zach Pearson, Zach Meehan